Google AMP for Django

May 28, 2017, noon - 12:30 p.m.

What actually is Google AMP, what’s its use case and should I use it? AMP could be a new kind of SEO coming up, even though it isn’t yet. Still it brings some good insights and best practices for web developers. This talk is about the technology, what’s behind it and how you can use it with Django.

Robert Stein

  • studied computer science at DHBW Mannheim 
  • worked as student for 3 years at IBM (mostly in R&D Böblingen) 
  • moved to Munich and founded a startup 
  • startup changed into Python/Django agency 
I’m proud to build my projects and work with Python and Django at my company every day. It’s a great and solid technology more people should (and I’m sure they will) rely on.

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